Save when you make an International currency Transfer

Usually, a foreign property is bought in foreign currency, for example EURO, USD or EGP. So at some point you will need to transfer some currency to purchase your property. A slight difference in the exchange rate can make a big difference to your purchase price. It is therefore imperative that you get the best rate for your currency transfer abroad.

We have been working exclusively with a specialised, FCA regulated foreign Exchange broker based in London, UK since 2004. They provide the best rates on the market for your foreign exchange and their transfers are free of charge.

Perfect if you are...

  • Buying a property overseas
  • Emigrating
  • Importing a car, boat or other
  • valuable goods
  • Paying university or school tuition fees
  • in a foreign currency
  • Receiving your pension abroad
  • Making overseas mortgage repayments
  • Receiving rent on your overseas property

Why Choose RatioanlFX

  • Exchange Rate Guarantee
  • No commission or hidden costs
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Free express transfers over £5,000
  • No sending or receiving charges
  • Fix exchange rates for up to 2 years
  • Flexibility to trade on phone or online
  • Same day payments for all major currencies to anywhere in the world
  • Free regular payment service
  • 24 hour market watch to get the best exchange rate

Stop Currency fluctuations from increasing your property's price

DatePurchase PriceRate GBP/EURPrice in Sterling

This property could have cost you an extra £7623