We provide a complex maintenance service for apartment and villa complexes located in Bansko. The maintenance service differs from the management service in that is supplied for the upkeep and running of the entire complex and communal areas, rather than each individuals apartment.

You are probably already paying the maintenance company, or the developer direct an annual fee for the maintenance of your complex. However mandy developer do not deliver, or fall short of their obligations to maintain the complex.

Our Service Provides:

  • A professional, independent, company to take over the maintenance of the complex
  • Payment of common area utilities
  • Employment of management/maintenance/security staff
  • Insurance of the entire building(s)
  • Cleaning of communal areas
  • Facilities maintenance
  • In-house additional management services

Changing the maintenance company of a complex

Many owners in Bulgaria may not be aware that changes to the law in May 2009 gives them a choice of how the complex on which they own a property is maintained & managed.

The Condominium Ownership Management Act 2009 now means that owners now have a choice in the way their complex is managed & who manages it for them. This is a great advantage for owners who no longer have to put up with excessive fees & can focus on the areas of the complex which they want to spend on.
There are certain rules & regulations which must be followed by the owners to make the process legal & fair to all.

  • A meeting must be called by at least one owner. However a fifth of all owners must agree to the meeting before it can go ahead.
  • All owners must be formally invited to attend the meeting & this must include an agenda so that it’s clear what the meeting is about. This can be called with a minimum of 3 days notice.
  • As many owners do not reside in their apartment & are unable to attend they can ask another owner to represent them. However each individual owner may represent a maximum of 3 others (a power of attorney may be required)
  • A minimum of 67% of owners (or their representatives) need to be present for the meeting to go ahead.
  • Each item is raised & voted on with a majority vote of 51% passing the item.
  • If the owners pass the item & decide to go ahead with a new maintenance company they need to form a committee via an election process. The committee must contain an odd number of persons in excess of 1

When this has been done the committee can then proceed in choosing a company or individual to maintain their complex.